Ciao Italy!

This is just a whimsical one minute video in memory of The 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference that was held in Perugia Italy last year. Enjoy!

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Melba’s second video of the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference Perugia, Italy

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The most visted Church in the World is 850 years old today!

photo by G. Laurent

Photo by G. Laurent

How would you look if you were 850 years old today?  Would you be tall and graceful, or short and pugnacious? Or maybe just mummified and dusty. In any event, many of us wouldn’t be as fresh as the most famous church in the world, ‘Notre Dame of Paris‘. Also know as Notre Dame Cathedral, many French Kings were married and a few baptized here. Even Napoleon Bonaparte took his oath as Crowned Emperor within these sacred walls.

Made famous by many paintings (and books such as the one by Victor Hugo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame), the edifice is reputed as being one of the most remarkable structures’ of Gothic architecture in France and all of Europe. Although visits are daily even during service of Mass, visitors are very respectful and usually quiet during these solemn moments. So if you are ever in Paris, take some time out and visit Notre Dame. You won’t regret it!

6, Place du Parvis Notre Dame, Ile de la Cité, 75004 Paris.

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On the Texas wine trail : Part two – The Tweeters at Messina Hof

This last August me and a few wine bloggers, Marcy Gordon of Come for the Wine, Tom Plant of Wineormous and Jennifer Waters of Minority Wine Report,    participated in one of the Messina Hof Harvest weekends. With so many activities, there was never a dull moment. We tweeted everything from grape picking to stomping, to winery visits and tasting room tastings, to wine and food pairing classes to Mystery dinners. Nothing escaped our attention. Because I was a part of the festivities with two scheduled wine and food pairing events, Marcy and Tom’s photos are  better than mine.  However, I did get to film some of the contestants in ‘Who can find the best bunch of grapes including talent contest. Real talent is hard to find. So go to my blog on The Wine Profilers site to see the rest.


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