Pic of St Péray

By Melba Allen
Does the name Anne-Sophie Pic ring a bell? Maybe not; she is just the ONLY woman chef to earn three Michelin stars for restaurants. Why am I writing about Anne-Sophie? Well, it just so happens while during an organized tasting of the St Péray wines in Valence, which is the most southern part of the Northern Rhône wine region, Miss Pic, who also has a restaurant in Valence, presented some of the marvelous dishes that she and her team prepare regularly in her restaurant.
Named after her great-grandmother Sophie, Anne-Sophie comes from a family of four generations of chefs. Like her great-grandmother, her grandfather and father where both great chefs. Therefore taste, aromas and simplicity in cooking have always played a role in her cooking education. Couple this with Anne-Sophie’s strong personality, yet friendly smile that leaves you confident that you will enjoy whatever she cooks for you. Anne- Sophie not only runs the family restaurant, she and her family also have a chic hotel, an elegant Bistro and a modern cooking school, called Scook. Unhappily for some of us, the classes are all in French.
This year Anne-Sophie Pic is celebrating 120 years of family commitment to gastronomy, and because she has become so popular since earning the 3-stars, she now has a restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland and is looking at opening a restaurant in Paris soon!
So if you like northern Rhône wines and are visiting the region near Valence, France, treat yourself to visiting this family Institution. You will be glad you did!
Maison Pic Restaurant 

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