The Coastal Breezes of Tuscany!

By Melba Allen
Everyone has a favorite or knows of a wine coming from the Tuscany region in Italy.  Most of the time, it’s going to be a Chianti. But Chianti and Chianti classico are not the only wine found there…

Tuscany is where we will find the cities of Sienna, Florence and Pisa. It is also where some of the greatest Artist in the world have studied and worked so as to produced many of the well known Master pieces of Italian art. But is also where we can find some nicely crafted wines for every palate. From Maremma, to Cecina and then the  prized wines from Bolgheri, the Tuscany wines are full of surprises.

Take Bolgheri wines, for example. They are known as the Bodeaux-style wines of Italy. The wine-makers use mostly the French Bordeaux grapes for structure, balance and longevity in bottle aging. It is here you will find the famous Sassacaia, Vigorello and Ornellaia. But if you are looking for wine in the same vein, but not quite so pricey, keep an eye out for Fornacelle, Varramista, Cantine Olive. They make delightful wines as well.

I will be going to Italy this weekend and will keep you posted on what I will find.


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