Wine Profilers organize their first Wine Contest

By Melba Allen

On April 2, 2011 my third-year students, who I consider as junior Professionals,  organized a wine contest at the CMH. Like real junior Wine Profilers, for weeks they worked and researched wines that they could easily tell a story and create questions for the contest.  Approximately 18 different wines coming from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone were the main wines tasted. But there were a few surprises as well. Such as a couple of bottles from Domaine Cazes that we tasted during one of the wine atelier evening presented by Mr. Bernard Cazes at the CMH last March were also present.

Because I was wine profiling myself, unfortunately I couldn’t be there to witness such a special event. But I am very happy and proud of you guys for making the effort and the motivation to want to go farther than just classroom facts and figures on wine and the Industry. Here you have broken grounds for new discoveries and adventures to share with your colleagues for next year. Hats off to you ! Cheers!!!

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