Melba’s Wine Choices for Thanskgiving!

By Melba Allen

Are you an American, living in France and have invited your neighbors and friend over to celebrate Thanksgiving, knowing that you haven’t got a clue on which wines to serve with your dinner? Well I have a few suggestions that might give a helping hand.

Starting with the appetizers, a nice simple white wine or sparkling wine (or the both) will help to get the appetite going so that you won’t have too much left over turkey to put in the freezer after everyone has gone. Here are three white wine coming from the same winemaker, Domaine Frédéric Curis. He makes a lively Macon-Davayé, a refreshing, not too tart Pouilly Fuissé and a Saint-Véran of character and personality that you can serve throughout the dinner if you want to keep your wine service of white wines to a minimum.

If you have ordered a real turkey early enough and have a real American size oven to put it in, a nice 2008 Terres des Ainés Gigondas from Montirius, in the Rhone, can help with some of the flavors of your stuffing and cranberry sauce (if you can find cranberry sauce!). Or if you prefer something more subdue, with as much character, there is also Domaine Cazes wine called ‘le Credo’ from the Roussillon region that is great. If some of your guests prefer white wines instead, why not try the 2008 white wine ‘Les Romain MDXIII from Domaine Alphonse Mellot, coming from Sancerre or the 2010 Alycastre blanc from Domaine de la Courtade coming from AOC Provence.

Finally for that pecan pie at the end, try a Muscat de Beaumes de Venise from Domaine de Fenouillet in the Southern Rhone. This is a match made in heaven!

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2 Responses to Melba’s Wine Choices for Thanskgiving!

  1. Those sound delicious! As an American who was just in France, wish I could get those wines.

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