Romeo, Romeo… Where is my Hotel Romeo?

by Melba Allen

Getting ready for the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference to be held in Perugia, Italy, I will be lecturing with other fellow wine bloggers. I pulled out the program to check all the happenings and found a really nice surprise…

One of the Hotels were I have stayed in last year during the many business trips, is also on the Itinerary. The Hotel Romeo in Naples is five-star modern hotel with  great Contemporary design elegant furnishings and host a multitude of features in which today’s travelers look for and appreciate.

Starting on the ground floor to your left as you walk in, a magnificent sushi bar – restaurant called Zero and the Il Commandante where gourmet styled meals are elegantly served. The reading and game room are found to the right of the front desk where you can have a relaxing moment. The breakfast and bar rooms are on the roof top floor that overlooks the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. There is also a rooftop pool with the same view.

As a Wine blogger and Wine Consultant, I really appreciate the free wi-fi service. The bedrooms are comfortably decorated with designer furniture, Camprai fabrics, leather, marble and let me not forget George Cluney’s favorite, Nespresso machine, what else?…

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4 Responses to Romeo, Romeo… Where is my Hotel Romeo?

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