Landry’s Unveil their Newest Restaurants

by Melba Allen

While visiting with my friend Teresa Byrne-Dodge, Editor of My Table magazine, we met up at the unveiling of the newly remodeled McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks restaurant in Uptown Park Houston. Simple elegance with contemporary art nouveau style the McCormick & Schmick’s restaurants are the place to go if you are looking for ambiance and fine dining. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

The restaurants got their beginnings with the teaming up of Bill McCormick and Doug Schmick in the 1970s. Over time, McCormick & Schmick’s became the nation’s premier family of seafood restaurant with more than 80 restaurants throughout the USA. After going public in 2004 and becoming a part of the Stock exchange in 2007, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants became a part of the family owned Landry’s, Inc. early this year.

The Landry Inc. is a single family company owning over 300 restaurants, hospitality, and   entertainment businesses in the States. The Landry’s Family also likes to work very closely with hotels in the surrounding area to enhance customer service when it comes to fine dining, as well as have a new VIP program that rewards lovers of fine dining.  The whole month of August, find all of the Landry’s restaurants participating in the charitable food bank program called the Houston Restaurant Week. They like many of the restaurants in the Houston area have three moderately priced menus dedicated at donating three dollars for the menus served during this month to the food bank program for needing persons.

Now a part of the Landry’s family, everyone at McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks is excited to present the new restaurants with an energetic team of hosts and hostesses and waiters their eager to welcome guests. The new look is more comfortable for a better dining experience. The chef has painstakingly prepared new signature dishes to tantalize the palate. Teresa and I sampled some of them such as Shrimp Kisses with pepper jack cheese and crispy bacon wrap; Stuffed shrimp with lump crab, red pepper and white cedar mash; Northwest Salmon Sautéed with wild mushrooms, asparagus, hazelnuts and, fresh raspberries in a lemon cream sauce served with steamed rice. Then there are the mesmerizing selections of mixed grills and sumptuous deserts. Just take a look at some of the deserts on video :

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