Zagreb in the winter!

The first day in Zagreb, Croatia before the International Wine Tourism Conference was cold damp and miserable. And the snow didn’t help to lift our spirits either. After checking in at the hotel in the early afternoon, our group was taken immediately back out into the freezing weather for a walking Tour of the city.





As we started our winter Tour of Zagreb, the capital and largest city of Croatia, our tour Guide assured us that in the Main Park somewhere under the snow, the grass is really green!

We walked towards the main Square where there is a Statute of a prominent figure on horseback, and quite near is the first and only skyscraper in all of Zagreb. Not really interesting to look at really, yet it is classified as a historical monument. In any event, have you ever tried to take notes while walking in the snow? It isn’t as easy as it appears!

Even our poor guide had a difficult time trying to be lively in this weather.

To thaw our periodically we got the chance to visit a few churches which there are plenty in Zagreb, and an unusual Museum. But before arriving at the Museum we came upon an ancient street  that bowed in the direction of an underground river and where prostitutes use to hang out. today the street is very posh.

Tom Plant  of  WINEnormous and I got a chance to share some hot wine ‘vin chaud’  in this Museum before hitting the street again with the rest of the group.

After our three hour walk, I was very happy to come back to the warmth of my hotel room in the Esplanade Zagreb
The next morning came with a bright sunny face that changed my dreary opinion about the city of doom that I witness the day before. Because I had a sixth floor room, from my window, I could see the splendor of Zagreb against the Medvedrica mountain range at a distance. As well as the only skyscraper of Zagreb…
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