Fixing a Grand Cru in Fixin!

In Burgundy, there is a small village called Fixin where there is only 100 hectares planted in vines. And of those 100 hc, there is only one vineyard of five hectares where it is possible to follow the birth of a Grand Cru…

Domaine de Joliet, located in the Côte de Nuits area of Burgundy, is a small Estate that was once owned by the Monks in the 12th century, but is now owned by Bénigne Joliet who family has owned the Domain intact since 1853 (for six generations) which makes this vineyard the only Monopole in Fixin. Making only two wines, most of the hectares are planted with the Pinot Noir grape with one half of a hectare planted in Chardonnay.

Because of their low yields, the wines are concentrated not only in color but also in flavors. Mr. Joliet works his vines in his own way developing organic techniques that are more suitable to his Terroir.

To be eligible for a Grand Cru status, the process is very long and tedious. It can take years before the Estate will be awarded such a status. But at least Mr. Joliet has gotten approval to at least apply for Grand Cru label from his peers in Fixin which is the first step. Without this approval, it would be impossible to go any further. Take a look at the five and a half minute film below to discover more about Mr Joliet and the Clos de la Perrière.

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