Texas vs the World Tasting of the Sangiovese

I got to participate in the Texas vs. the World Tasting of Sangiovese wines on July 30, 2013. There were wines coming from not only Texas and the USA, but also from Italy, the home of this particular grape The Major grape use for making Chianti wines, it is also one of the major grapes used in the Super Tuscans

The Tasting was held at the Malaga Tapas bar on West 2nd Street in Austin, Texas. The Tasting was sponsored by The Texas Wine and Food Consortium and organized by GUSTO Sommeliers. Texas Hills Vineyards which is one of the largest winery growing its own grapes was the featured winery. So weIMG_3728 are still waiting for the results, here are a few highlights from my notes:

With seven coming from the ‘old world’, nine were Texas varietals, and four were Super Blends, there were Twenty wines were tasted and com

pared in all. From my own ratings, the Italian wine showed fairly well with Machese Antinori, Chianti Classico, Reserva, 2007 leading the way. There was also the Antinori Bolgheri, Tignanello, 2009 which I felt was very aromatic, but still a bit too closed on itself or not as expressive as I would have liked it to be on the palate.

Of the varietals, I found three wines ranking high in my scores. They are Driftwood Estate Winery, Texas Sangiovese, 2011; Solaro Estate, Texas High Plains, Reserve Sangiovese, 2011; and McPherson Cellars, Texas, Sangiovese, 2010.

IMG_2101Finally there are the four Super Blends of Texas, where for me, all very good. Starting at the bottom with Llana Estecado, Texas Viviani, Superiore Rosso, 2008; Landon, Texas, The Texan, 2011; Flat Creek Estate, Texas, Super Texan, 2011; and at the top of the list Bar Z, Texas High Plains, Sassy S, 2007.

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