Get some Comfort at Bending Branch Winery

I went to Bending Branch Winery twice. The first time I had a very good co-pilot, Amanda, who got us there with no trouble at all. The second time I went by myself leaving my lodgings with a good thirty minutes advance, but arriving and hour and a half later! Moral of this?…Don’t go to Bending Branch Winery with just a GPS, because you are sure to get lost. Instead, call the winery for directions, it will save you a lot of time and heart ache.

A father and son-in-law operation, these two are very complementary to each other. With making wines since 2009, Bending Branch Winery, located near Comfort Texas just South of Fredericksburg and west of San Antonio, is already getting a lot of attention in the Texas wine scene.

John Rivenburgh, the son-in-law and co-owner, conducts and manages the experiment in the vineyards and the winery, while Robert (Bob) Young, the father -in-law and co-owner, is the scientific who keeps an eye on the wines outcome. Both men are very passionate in their work and research.

Mr. Young was kind enough to show Amanda and I their vineyards. He took the time to explain exactly what they are trying to accomplish by researching and growing grapes that are really ideal to the hostile grape growing environment of Texas. Bending Branch Winery actually grow around 16 different grape varieties on approximately 20 acres of land. We got to see their signature grape, the Tannat, a grape coming from the Southwest wine region of France, as well as other grapes that you do not hear much about such as the Picpoul, also found in Southern France, Aglianico of the Basilica region of Italy and the Sagrantino of Montefalco in central Italy…

Organic and sustainable practices  is a family occupation. Bending Branch Winery philosophy is to have a balance between art and science with respect to nature and the environment. John Rivenburgh, was quite energetic and full of enthusiasm as he explained his idea of what a wine is? Take a look at the video below:

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