Coming Soon to New Orleans! Second Vine Wine

Photo Courtesy: Troy Gant & Louis Keyes

Friday morning after Thanksgiving, I wanted to go to New Orleans to scout out more business opportunities as well as to take a break and visit a dear friend. Before leaving Houston,  I got a tip on someone opening a wine shop with a philosophy similar to our own. So I was curious and wanted to meet this person. Our meeting was short but very interesting…

With my girlfriend, I called Troy Gant to see if it was possible to have a brief meeting at his new soon to be opened wine center / shop. I felt a bit guilty because I could hear in the background of our conversation, a young child not very happy that his father’s attention was taken away from him and their day out together. So, when Troy finally arrived at the shop I deeply apologized for the family day intrusion and promise not to take too much of his child’s precious time.

Second Vine Wine is a concept to not only sell, but also to educate the public about wines and spirits. Troy Gant and his businessIMG_0268 partner Louis Keyes, both have experience and valuable knowledge that they want to share. Gant worked ten years for Remy Cointreau as a State Manager, while Keyes served as VP Brand Management, Marketing and Sales for Seagram, Nestle and Disney. Louis was based at wineries for 14 out of his 17 years at Seagram including Napa Valley in California and in the Champagne Region in France.  So as their friendship grew, so did the idea of eventually working together.

Troy is a big believer in fate, so after months of searching for a site for the shop, he fell upon an ideal corner in the Marigny Triangle district of New Orleans.  The shop will house over 100 different references of Domestic and International wines for under $15.00, and local Craft beers. The building belonged in the past to two brothers, use to a neighborhood shop that sold a very well known sandwich that is still popular.  Do you know the name of that sandwich?…

Today, ‘Second Vine Wine’ will not only house a wine bar and shop, but also space will be dedicated to wine education.  Wine classes, themed tastings and festivals are being planned for next year.  In the film below, listen to Troy explanations about their concept and why this location. Troy and Louis worked very hard to open the doors for the first time just after Christmas. So if you haven’t gone by yet, there is a Grand Opening scheduled for Valentine’s Day. Don’t hesitate to drop by and check them out. Tell them that Melba from ‘The Wine Profilers’ sent you!

Second Vine Wine

1027 Touro St, Nola

70116 New Orleans, La

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