Texas Wines again going for the Gold in Lyon France!

As the city of Lyon is known by many as the food capital of the world, it is also surrounded by some of France most distinguished wine regions.   Regions like Burgundy to the North, the Côte du Rhône to the South, Savoie to the east and Beaujolais to the west, Lyon is an unknown island of French culture. The city also hosts many Food and Wine Fairs and competitions. One such Wine Competitions is the Concours International de Lyon.

On April 5, 2014, wines from all over the world will be in judged for their character, personality and overall drinakbility. Judges are a mix of IMG_1122  professionals working in the restaurant and distribution Industry, as well as  at least one person per table representing the consumer with no Industry background at all. A couple of days later, those wines recognised with exceptional qualities will be awarded their medals.

Wines coming from twenty-two countries last year competed against each other in various categories from regional to varietal. In the categories where there are single varietals, these wines compete across the board with wines from South Africa, Spain, France, Italy, the USA, Switzerland,…

Photo courtesy: Pedernales Cellars

Photo courtesy: Pedernales Cellars

Last year, three of  eight wines from Texas won medals and of the three, one received a double gold! Pedernales 2012 Texas Viognier Reserve was a big hit with the French. They appreciated the freshness of its acidity, the light floral and citrusy characters that fooled them into believing that the wine came from the Condrieu Appellation of the Rhône region in France.

This year let’s have more Texas wineries involved in this TransAtlantic competition. So, if you are a small wine-maker growing your own grapes and making your own wine, this competition is made just for you. Go to the official website www.concourslyon.com and check it out.

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