La Gironda and Charlemagne?

What an unlikely place to find traces of the first King of France. Nestled inside the Monferrato hills, the gateway to Langhe of the Piemonte area, La Gironda sits high overlooking apart of the village of Nizza. So what does la Gironda di Galandrino have to do with Charlemagne? In actuality, not much of anything, except that In his day, Charlemagne visited the area and while in close proximity, he appeared to have seen the Virgin Mary. therefore, an Abbey at Vezzolaro was built on the location of this appearance. The region is also very well known for its Truffles of Alba.

Visiting La Gironda, Susanna di Galandrino welcomed us with her husband and gave us a tour of the winery. In staying within the harmony of the2013 La Gironda landscape and tradition of the region,  Cantina La Gironda di Galandrino went through a complete renovation that saw the light of day in 2001. The Cantina was built to flow into a natural hollow in the hillsides So at the invisible part, the fermentation area, barrel room and final stocking of production would be naturally cool even during the hottest summer days.

In the red wine of the region of Piemonte, three wine dominates. While the Barbera wines are made from the Barbera grape, Barolo and Barberesco are considered to be from the same grape, the Nebbiolo. Theses wines are fermented using the traditional red wine making process, however, Barolo wines are marketed five years after the harvest and is  produced in 18 or 19 villages, Barberesco is marketed three years after harvest and is produced in three village and Barbera wines are marketed after two years and is grown only in one or two villages.

Most of the wine that Susanna makes are reds using the Barbera or Nebbiolo grapes? Susanna’s Barbera d’Asti ‘La Gena’ is a  soft yet fruity wine which is quite pleasant. Then there is the Barbera  d’Asti Supreriore Nizza, Le Nicchie which is made from grapes coming only from a small parcel of the village of Nizza where la Gironda is located. But Susanna also makes refreshing white wines, namely a Monferrato bianco and a Moscato d’Asti.

With much nurturing, Susanna di Galandrino oversees most of functions of the winemaking functions of the Cantina, while her husband helps with the vineyards. All of the grapes are hand picked when fully ripe, therefore the wines are rich and flavourful. In the film below, Susanna explains the Nizza Appellation.

Azienda Agricola La Gironda di Galandrino
Strada Bricco 12 – 14049
Nizza Monferrato (AT) Italy
Tel. +39.0141.701013
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