William Chris Wines Wins Gold in France!

Is it really that hard to believe that Texas wines can win International Wine Competitions in Europe (not to think of France of all places)? Well, you should believe it! For the second year in a row, Texas wines wins GOLD in France!

Located in the Texas AVA Hill Country region, William Chris Vineyards and Winery is on the highway 290 strip just before you get to Fredericksburg, but west of Johnson City in Hye, Texas. Bill Blackmon and Chris Brundrett are hard working men who live their passion through the wines they make.

Bill Blackmon has over 30 years of experience growing grapes and making wines in Texas. But don’t let the boyish beach boy-look of Chris Brundrett fool you. As a Texas A&M graduate, he spent years learning about grape growing and winemaking himself all over Texas.

Together Bill and Chris owns several small vineyards not only in the Hill country, but also in the High Plains, as well are partnered with grape growing vineyards though out west Texas. They have a small but very efficient team of workers in each winery who are just as dedicated as Bill and Chris in making sure that their guests are welcomed in the famously warm Texas manner.

As for the Competition held every year in Lyon, The Concours International du Vin de Lyon is getting bigger every year. Wines coming Concours Vins Lyonfrom 22 countries were judged by wine professionals, journalists and wine lovers from around the world. These wines not only came from Western Europe, but also other countries such as Serbia, Slovakia, Australia, South Africa, and the USA.

While there are many wine competitions around the world, and many that claim to be International, there are some which are really identifying the trends in International wine consumption. The Concours International de Lyon in France is one such competition. Held on April 5, 2014, the goal of this competition is to identify and reward wineries for their dedication and hard work in improving the standards of wine making and the impressive quality of their wines.

Other criteria, such as judges not only being from the wine profession, but also including the consumer on each panel is very important. Amateur wine tasters are instrumental in the outcome of the judging because they represent the vast majority of individual preference which can be found in the world today.

This year’s Honorary Presidents were Laurent Derhé, Ex-Head Sommelier of George Blanc restaurant who is now owner of his own restaurant ‘L’Auberge du rue’ and ‘le Comptior de Dependance’; and President of ASLERA, and 2 star Michelin Chef Christophe Roure, of the restaurant ‘Le 9eme Art’ in Lyon.

Photo courtesy of William Chris's Facebook page

Photo courtesy of William Chris’s Facebook page

But back to Texas finest. Three of the four wines from William Chris got medals. Receiving gold medals are the 2012 Enchanté red and 2012 William Chris Vineyard – Mourvédre, while the 2013 William Chris Vineyards, Mary Ruth wins a silver medal in the end.

Finally, this weekend you will be able to give your own notes on those same wines on ‘The Wine Profilers’. So join me in not only congratulating William Chris Winery, but also in supporting Texas Wines.  GO TEXANS!




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*Featured Photo courtesy of William Chris’s Facebook page.

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