The oldest Association of Sommeliers in France celebrates its 50th Anniversary in style not with just one party, but two!

The first event, held on June 23rd was a Gala jubilee celebration. It started with a Champagne garden party and ended with a sumptuous dinner at the ‘Abbaye de Collonges of Paul Bocuse’. Over three hundred people from the different Sommeliers Associations all over France, friends and family of the 80 member ASLERA group joined in this prestigious celebration.

The menu was of a lightly panned escalope of Fois Gras, Hommard in a Pouilly Fumé sauce, a Medaillon hbaslera07of veau and spinach sautéed in butter, the local Saint marcellin and Baratte of goat cheeses, ending with a raspberry macaroon and homemade vanilla and red fruit ice creams. Of course the wines were just as impressive starting with the Hermitage blanc 2000 of Domaine Jean Louis Chave, the Beaujolais blanc “Secret de Chardonnay” 2013, of Château du Chatelard, a “Mystery” wine that everyone had to identify, a Côte Rotie “La Viallière 2009 Magnum by Jean Michel Gerin, a Moulin-à-Vent “ Vielles Vigne 2011 by Anita & André Kuhnel and a Cerdon rosé of Domaine de la Dentelle Marcel Perinet.

Created in Lyon in 1964 by Roger Borgeot, who just two years before was named the ‘Best Restaurant Sommelier of France and the first to wine such a title, decided that it was time that there is recognition of the Sommelier as a profession. Amongst dedicated friends and associates, the ASLERA (Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais et Rhône Alpes) was born and precedes even the Association of Paris where the National Office is located today.

IMG_2985On July 7th, the second event was just as spectacular, yet more intimate and reserved for Members of ASLERA and their families. Because the wines of Georges DuBoeuf is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary, this was a great opportunity to visit the most unique Museum and amusement park in Europe which is dedicated to the history of wine, the ‘Hameau du vin Georges DuBoeuf in Romanéche Thorins in the Beaujolais region.

The Hameau has four different sections to appeal to all ages. From a real maze of tactile games, animation and films in 3D which captures the attention of even young children, to the dynamic cinema where everyone get to fly like a bee over the 12 Crus of Beaujolais. There is also the Museum of transportations that houses the cabin of Napoleon, and an adventure golf course.

Although the weather was not as friendly for and outdoor adventure, there was enough to keep everyone occupied indoors. And after all the activities a social hour serving a refreshing Beaujolais blanc and Beaujolais dinner where the products where all local of roasted chicken and potatoes, cheese and salad and a fruity Beaujolais Village to rinse the palate. A lovely five-tier birthday cake of strawberries was cut and shared with all, and gifts where given to end the evening.

Here an amateur film of our afternoon at the Hameau du vin George DuBoeuf:

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