Light Red Wines

Rd1: Light soft red wines, not too tannic.

Synonym(s) : Light-bodied

A very large family where millions of wines can be put into this category. Their lightness of these wines can be attributed to either the nature of the grape [i.e. Gamay …], the wine-making process (short maceration, carbonic maceration …), or climatic reasons, (vineyards in cooler climates generally produce lighter wines). These wines are built for rapid consumption, meaning less than 5 years. They are more enjoyable when drunk during their youth and quite fruity.

Harmony: These wines allow a very large associations with meats, terrines, sausages, some red-fleshed fish such as tuna, cold meats, white meats, grilled or roasted red meats, fish prepared with red wine, poultry, many cheeses…

Temperature: 55 – 60°F / 13 – 16°C

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