Dry White Wines

Wh1: light, dry white wines where the balance is organized around a natural acidity or tartness.

Synonyms: Tart – SourFresh – Dry

Their freshness or liveliness is not a defect but a natural state coming either from  the grape(s) naturally acidity [Sylvaner, Melon de Bourgogne, Sauvignon …] or the geographical position of the environment where the grapes are planted (terroir). Other influences such as oceanic climates found in the Nantes area of France [Muscadet] or northern Portugal [Vinho Verde] can also give these wines a legitimate tart of sourness. White wines coming from high altitude such as those of the Savoy area of France or better yet the northern vineyards of Alsace [Sylvaner] are also noted for the same climatic reason to  having good acidity.

Harmony: This profile is suitable for dishes requiring acidity or tartness such as fish and other seafood … Still or sparkling, these wines are also excellent aperitifs.

Temperature:  45 – 50 ° F /  8 – 10°C

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