Round White Wines

Wh2: White wines that are round, full and fruity with structure but without sweetness.

Synonym: Ample – Round – Full bodied

Here, we moved from the lively or tartness of the previous white wine family into a more fuller, fruitier style of wine without being sweet. Their ample fullness maybe the results of several reasons (i.e.  the natural roundness of the grape varietal(s) (i.e. Viognier, Gewürztraminer …), the use of oak barrels [White Burgundy …],  the heat of the climate or vintage [Rolle en Provence]. A heat wave will have the tendency  to reduce acidity and increase the sweetness in a grape. Certain oenological practices [i.e. Malo-Lactic Fermentation] or prolonged aging in barrels will also lead in general to an increased roundness of a wine .

Harmony: This profile is dedicated to fish and shellfish cooked in sauces, roasted poultry and some exotic cuisines if one knows how to marry the flavors.

Temperature: 50 – 55°F / 10 – 13°C

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