1/2 Sweet to Sweet Rosé Wines

Rs3 – Rosé half dry

Synonyms : Half-dry,

In these wines the sweetness, is much lower than that found in sweet white wines [family Wh3], however there is clearly perceptible sweetness in the mouth. This family is very small, the examples are rare [ex. France Cabernet d’Anjou …]. The development of these wines are usually by interrupting the alcoholic fermentation so as to have a natural sugar residual.

Harmony: Their use is quite limited to aperitifs. They are also great with red fruit tarts or pies and fruit sorbets. Can also accompany some foods which are spicy.

Temperature: 45 – 50°F / 8 – 10°C



* Note that sparkling wines (Champagne, Crémants, Cava …) are not a family under the pretext that they contain carbon dioxide. They are treated just like the other wines.


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