Carignan or Mazuela

Carignan’s wines are usually strong and red wine, high in tannins and acidity. They can be drunk young. This grape variety is exceptionally productive.

Colour:  Black

Frequency: Very well planted, especially in France.

Synonym(s):  Called Mazuela in Spain, it has various nicknames such as “carignane”, “carignano”, “calignan”. As well as the Cabernet Sauvignon, it is referred as “bois dur” or “bois de fer”  (meaning “hard wood”).  Finally, in Italy they call it “carignano” or “legno duro”.

Origin: Spain, Catalogne

Maturity: 3rd late period

Sensitivity to diseases: Odium or powdery mildew as well as downy mildew. It is sensitive to grape moth larvae as well.

Area(s) Cultivated: Internationally

France → Languedoc-Rousillon, Provence, Corse

Europe→ Spain, Italy ( Appellation “le carignano del Sulcis”)

Around the world →  Tunisia, Morocco, USA (California), Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, China, India.

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Type of Wines [ Profile ] 

High in alcohol

Flavors: Spice, black berry, griotte, violet

Facts and tips:

  • First used for blending with strong Algerian wines.

  • It represent 60% of the blends for the Côtes du Roussillon’s wines.

  • It is the most cultivated grape in France.

  • The Carignan Blanc and the Carignan grey exist also.

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