Folle Blanche or Picpoul

Famous for making amazing brandies in France and for its white wines of Loire Valley, it is sometime used as a varietal wine but more commonly used in blends.

Colour: Greenish-white berries.

Frequency: 4000 ha worldwide.

Synonym(s): France “Rochelle blanc”, “Gros Plants” (Nantes), “Enrageat” (Gironde), “Piquepoul” or “Picpoul” (Gers).

Origin: Charentes (France) since the middle Age.

Maturity: 2nd period.

Sensitivity to diseases: Fairly sensitive to downy mildew, black rot, and very sensitive to grey rot.

Area(s) Cultivated:

France→ Charentes, Gironde (Bordeaux), Loire Valley.

Europe→ Romania

Worldwide→ California, Argentina, South Africa.

Where  (map)


Type of Wines [ Profile ] – 

Dry white wines low in alcohol high in acidity.

It has been used to make some exceptional brandies.

Facts and tips:

  • Cultivation of this grape has decreased since the phylloxera crisis.

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