Grenache Noir

This is a fairly vigorous grape variety, mainly planted in France and Spain and produces wine generally with lots of alcohol.

Colour:  Black

Frequency: 245000 ha area cultivated worldwide

Synonym(s): “Garnacha”  in Spain. Sometimes called “Aragonés” in Madrid (Spain). In Italy you can find it refers as “Cannonau”.

In France the most typical synonyms are: “Alicante”, “Roussillon”, “Rivesaltes”, “Tinto”, “Sans pareil”.

Origin: Aragon (Spain) 12th century

Maturity: 3rd period

Sensitivity to diseases: Downy mildew, grey rot, and coulure.

Area(s) Cultivated: Dry and stony soils

France→ Pyrénnées, Rhône, Provence, Languedoc.

Europe→ Spain (Catalogne, Aragon, Rioja), Italy (Sardinia, Sicile), Greece,  Portugal

Worldwide→ Morocco, Tunisia, Argentine, USA (California), Mexico, Australia.

Where  (map)

Type of Wines [ Profile ] – Pointe vers des profils types = Fiches archivées de dégustation

Dry red or rosés (ex: Tavel). Generally high in alcohol 14 %, this grape can also produce sweet red wines. The most well known being that which is made in Roussillon called the Banyuls.

Notes of red fruits and spices

Fact and tips:

  • “Appellations d’origine Méditerranéennes”: Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes du Rhône, Côte de Provence, coteaux du Languedoc, etc.
  • Often blended with Syrah or Mouvèdre and also Carignan grapes varietals.
  • 2nd red grape variety planted in Spain.