Marsanne or White Ermitage

Blended with the Roussanne grape, the Marsanne makes all of the white wines of Saint-Josephe and Saint-Peray of the Northern Rhone and is blended with other grapes in the South of France.

Colour: Golden yellow berries.

Frequency:  2100 ha area planted.

Synonym(s):  Also known as “Ermitage” in Switzerland, “White Ermitage” in Australia and sometime “Rousseau” in California.

Origin: Rhône (France).

Maturity: Second late period.

Sensitivity to disease: Vigorous grape variety sensitive to grey rot, and oidium.

Area(s) Cultivated:

France Savoie

Europe Switzerland, Italy.       

Worldwide Australia, USA (California, Washington)

Where (map):

Type of Wines Profile(s)

Full bodied white wines sweet or dry.

Facts and tips:

  • Famous blend Roussane and Clairette.
  • One of the eight varieties authorized in the Cotes du Rhone appellations.
  • The difference between Marsanne and Roussanne varieties is that Marsanne is more productive and less temperamental.