Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio

Pinot Gris photo from Wikipedia

Colour:  pinkish grey to bluish grey. Sometimes you can find Pinot gris with 3 colours: black, pink and yellow on the same grape.

“Pinot gris” grape variety is the same family of “Pinot Noir” it only differs by the color. It is one of 4 the grape used in Alsace along with Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Muscat.

Frequency: Fairly well-planted worldwide, 14000 ha area planted.

Synonym(s):  It has various synonyms such as “Pinot beurot”, “Gris Cordelier”, or “Malvoisie” in France. In Germany, it is known as “Rulander”.

Origin: Burgundy (France) – discovered in the Middle Age, it then spreaded towards Switzerland.

Maturity:  1st period

Sensitivity to diseases:  this grape variety is sensitive to powdery mildew and grey rot.

Area(s) Cultivated:  clay soils, moderate temperature.

France Alsace, Loire Valley, Burgundy

Europe Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands

Worldwide Russia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, USA


Where (map):

Type of Wines Profile(s) It produces golden yellow dry wine, and sometimes sweet wine when late harvested. Note of fruit and good acidity depending the terroir it has been cultivated in.

Facts and tips:

  • It was sometime called “Tokay” until the Hungarian Government filed a protection claim… Since 2007 only those wines made in Hungary can use the term ‘Tokay’ for their Tokaj wines.