Roussanne or Bergeron

It is called “Roussanne” because of its color russet (reddish brown), when it is at its full maturity.

It is a direct competitor to the Marsanne grape variety which is more productive.

Colour:  Gold berries which can become russet red at its full maturity

Frequency: 1500 ha area planted worldwide.

Synonym(s):  Called “Bergeron” in Savoy (France).

Origin: Rhone, France.

Maturity: 2nd late period.

Sensitivity to diseases: Sensitive to grey rot and odium.

Area(s) Cultivated: Warm temperature, stony soil.

France→ South East (Savoy, Rhone)

Europe→   Italy.

Worldwide→ USA (California), Australian (State of Victoria)

Type of Wines [ Profile ]

Light white wines with good acidity

Facts and tips:

  • Appelation “Hermitage”, “Crozes Hermitage”, “Saint Peray”, “Saint Joseph”, “Château-Neuf-du-Pape”, “Côtes du Rhône”.
  • The difference between Marsanne and Roussanne grape varieties is that Roussanne is less productive and more temperamental.