Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon is a white grape well known for its Loire valley  dry white wines like Sancerre, and Bordeaux sweet wines like Sauternes.  It is now very popular through the world especially in the area of Marlborough (New Zealand).

Colour: Golden yellow

Frequency: Cultivated all over the world and very popular, it represents 50,000 ha through the world.

Synonym(s):  In France there are various synonyms for Sauvignon such as “Blanc fumé” or “fumé” in Nièvre , and “surin” in Loire.

In California and Australia, it is either called “Sauvignon Blanc” or “Blanc Fumé” (White smoked).

In Germany, they call it “freigentraube” (fig grape)

Origin: Unknown . But main areas of cultivation are Bordeaux and the Loire valley (France)

Maturity: 2nd period.

Sensitivity to diseases:  Vigorous grape variety, it is resistant to downy mildew but sensitive to powdery mildew, black rot, grey rot, and Eutypa dieback.

Area(s) Cultivated:  Adapt to all kind of climate and area. But basically Sauvignon is best planted on cool dry and sunny area.


FranceBordeaux, Loire Valley, Charentes, Languedoc Roussillon, Burgundy, Provence.

EuropeItaly, Spain

WorldwideNew Zealand, USA (California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Georgia), Chile, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Israel

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Sweet white wines (ex: Sauternes). Dry white wines (Loire Valley, ex: Sancerre).

Facts and tips:

  • Sauvignon is the most planted grape in New Zealand.
  • Popular blend : Semillon and Muscadelle.
  • Sauvignon Blanc crossed with Cabernet Franc made the hybrid Cabernet Sauvignon.