Savagnin Blanc

This is a white grape that is mainly famous for its Jura wines (France), such as the “Vin jaune” or “vin de paille”. They are mainly high in alcohol.

Colour:  green skinned berries


Frequency: Fairly rare. Planted throughout the world with less than 1000 ha.

Synonym(s):  “Gringet” in Savoie (France) , in Switzerland “Heida” or “Aida”

Origin: Tramin (Italy)

Maturity: Second period.

Sensitivity to diseases: a bit sensitive to powdery mildew (disease caused by the fungus Podosphaera nector which makes the leaves dry and fall off).

But, its thick skin makes it resistant to diseases especially to grey rot.

Area(s) Cultivated: Vigorous grape variety.

France Jura, Savoie

EuropeItaly (Frioul), Austria, Switzerland.


Where (map):

Type of Wines Profile(s) Still and sparkling white wines.

Facts and tips:

  • This grape variety is not related to Sauvignon.
  • It is a cousin to the Traminer grape variety.
  • “Savagnin Noir” is in fact a synonym of Pinot Noir. As well, “Savagnin Musque” is a synonym of Gewurztraminer.