Colour: Golden white berries to pinkish at its maturity.

Frequency: 28000 ha worldwide.

Synonym(s):  Sometimes called “Sémillon Muscat” in Sauternes.

In South Africa, they called it “Wyndruif” ( meaning vinewine), now you will find it refers as “greengrape”.

In Australia, it is called Hunter River Riesling.

Origin: Sauternes (France) 18th century.

Maturity: 2nd period

Sensitivity to diseases: Vigorous grape but sensitive to grey rot.

Area(s) Cultivated: Foggy and well drained area.

FranceGironde, Dordogne, Lot et Garonne, Tarne et Garonne, Tarn, Var , Bouche du Rhône, Provence.

Europe→ Switzerland, Italy, eastern Europe such as Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, etc.

Worldwide→ Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, USA (California, Washington), South Africa, Australia (Tasmania) , New Zealand, Japan

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Type of Wines [ Profile ] – 

Sweet whites wines such as Sauternes. Sometimes dry white wines (ex: dry Bergerac) or sparkling (ex: Crémant de Bordeaux). When aged, really round wine.

Facts and tips:

  • Semillon 2nd white grape variety in France.
  • These wines are the longest living white wines in the world.
  • Most commonly blend with white Sauvignon blanc and Muscadelle.