Silvaner, Sylvaner

Often compared with Riesling, Sylvaner is less demanding and ripen earlier than its competitor.

Colour: Green with brown dots sometime golden yellow.

Frequency: 12,000 ha area planted worldwide.

Synonym(s): In Switzerland  it is called “Gros Rhin” and “Gros Riesling”. In California you will find the names of “Franken Riesling”, “Monterey Riesling” or “Sonoma Riesling”.

The German spelling of Sylvaner is “Silvaner”.

Origin:  generally consider from Austria, some scientists’ consider it to be from Transylvania.

Maturity: 2nd early period

Sensitivity to diseases: Vigorous grape but sensitive to winter frost and sensitive to diseases such as downy mildew, grey rot and powdery mildew.

Area(s) Cultivated: Limestone area.


EuropeGermany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Luxembourg

WorldwideRussia, USA (California), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina

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Dry white wines low in alcohol, fresh in the mouth it has a certain acidity. The wines are generally designed to be drunk young.

Facts and tips:

  • Sylvaner is an hybrid crossed between a Traminer and a Osterreichisch Wess.
  • It has been awarded as a Grand Cru in Zotzenberg in 2006.