Bacchus Name given to the Roman god of wine and pleasure. Taken from the Greek god Dionysus.

Balance – When the elements of wine  (acids, sugars, tannins, and alcohol) come together in a harmonious way.

It is said to be “balanced”.

Barrel  –  The container (preferably oak) used for fermenting, aging and stocking of wine.

The capacity varies from one region to another (225L in Bordeaux, in 228L Burgundy, 232L in Touraine).

Barrique  – A 225-litre oak barrel used in storing and aging Bordeaux wines.

Bentonite – Clay used in the “collage” of some white wines.

Bitter  – A taste sensation largely caused by tannins that is sensed on the back of the tongue.

Black rot  – Vine disease caused by a fungus that damages the grapes and leaves.

Blanc de blanc – White wine made from white grapes.

Blanc de noir  – White wines made from black grapes.

Blend  – A wine made from more than one grape varietal or parcel of grapes.

Blending – An operation consists of mixing  grapes or wines to ensure a good balance and quality wine.

Body  – A tactile sensation and term describing the weight and fullness of wine in the mouth.

A wine can be light, medium, or full in body.

Botrytis CinereaA mold that pierces the skin of grapes and causes dehydration, resulting in

natural grape juice exceptionally high in sugar. Botrytis is largely responsible for the world’s

finest dessert wines.  (see “noble rot”).

Bouquet  – A term that refers to the many complex aromas in ages wines.

Breathing  – Allowing wine to come in contact with air which will open and improve its flavors.  (see “aeration”)

Brettanomyce –  A wine-spoiling yeast that produces barnyard, mousey, metallic, and band-aidish aromas.

Brillant or Brillance  – A term use to describe the appearance of a wine. The wine can show light catching to sparkling clear.

Broker (broker Wine) – Intermediate seller between the producer and the merchant.

Brut  – French term denoting dry champagnes or sparkling wines.

Bud –  Phase of the vegetation of the vine where leaf development begins. This happens after the winter break.

Bung  – The cork used to seal a wine barrel.

Bung hole  – The opening in a cask in which wine can be put in or taken out.