De-vatting - An operation that empties the tank at the end of the alcoholic fermentation.
Demi-sec - French term meaning "half-dry".  Confusing, as it is used to describe a sweet sparkling wine.
Disgorging – The evacuating yeast deposits in the bottle after the second fermentation in the case of making
Champagne or certain sparkling wines (method champenoise).
Dionysus - God of wine in ancient Greece. According to legend, he was the son of Zeus and Semele.
Dormant - " Sleeping" vine.
Dosage - Practice used for Champagne which adds a certain amount of sugar (liqueur d'expedition) to three-year old
wine before the final cork is installed and the wine is ready for market.  Different amounts of sugar will give
different types of Champagne or sparkling wines (Brut de brut, Brut, Dry, extra-dry, demi-dry).
Dry  - Opposite of sweet.  A taste sensation often attributed to tannins which leaves the mouth feeling as if
all the saliva has disappeared in the mouth.