Harvest Harvest (Picking, Harvest)The date of the harvest is decided after consultation between the

different actors in the chain leading producers.

Hedonism (Hedonism)Greek word associated with life pleasures.

Herbaceous a tasting term denoting odors and flavors of fresh herbs (e.g. grass, basil, oregano, rosemary)

in a wine.

Hot wine high in alcohol is often described as producing a “hot” burning sensation in the mouth.

Hybrid (Hybrid) – A plant derived from the cross breeding of two plants.

The hybridization used as a means to fight against the “phylloxera” is no longer used in France.

Hyper-oxygenation – Method being tested and consisting of over oxygenizing the must so as to soften

certain phenolic compounds. These compounds are insoluble in an oxidized form. Therefore they are

precipitates and are removed during settling. This operation aim is to avoid sulphites (anti-oxidant)

at this stage of winemaking.