Tannins – The phenolic compounds in wines that leave a bitter, mouth drying sensation.

Tartaric acid – The principal acid in grapes. This acid promotes flavor and conservation or aging in wine.

TastingThe visual, olfactory, gustatory examination of a wine which leads to the judgment of its character and quality by using appropriate vocabulary to express this judgment. The tasting is often wrongly confused with the consumption more associated to  “hedonic” the desired goals are not the same.

Terroir – A French term for Exposition of plantation, Geographical characteristics (chalk, gravel, sand, clay) along with

Climatic conditions unique to any given vineyard.

Texture – A tasting term describing how the wine feels on the palate.

The so called “Texture” is used more often when describing heavy,dense wines with a big mouth feel.

Tirage liqueur (Draw)Bread incorporated before “prize de mousse” in order to initiate the second fermentation in the case of  Champagne. This is a mixture of sugar and yeasts, with a processing of racking or riddling the bottles in the storage cellars.

Typicity – A tasting term that describes how well a wine expresses the characteristics inherent to the variety of

grape represented.