Michel Buillard


Michel Buillard

Michel Buillard

Acquired a unique experience in the field of wine and wine distribution. He holds a University Diploma of Technology in Chemistry and the « Diplôme National d’Œnologue » obtained from the Institut Universitaire de La Vigne & du Vin “Jules Guyot” – Université de Bourgogne. In the mid 80’s Michel Buillard has worked for a prestigious Champagne house as part of a research program. Then in 1992, he started to select wines and teach professionals in commerce and distribution of  Wine and Spirits. Teaching in Institutions such as l’Ecôle du Cordon Bleu in Paris – Institut Vatel in Paris and in Lyon, as well as the l‘Ecôle Lenôtre in the Paris region….

Today, Michel is at the University of Nancy where he instructs future Executives in the distribution and Commerce of the drinks Industry.

As for Wine selecting, Michel is a Consultant since 1998 for a major wine distributor participating in the creation of house-brand wines. Building the technical specifications with the suppliers, selecting wines and conducting quality control of the products, Michel also intervenes in the wine-making process when necessary, in order to match the wine’s profile to the demand of the market.

As Director of The Wine Profilers, Michel Buillard gives to his team the expert guidance and rigor needed for accomplishing TWP Mission: “Make the Wine more understandable in order to appreciate it better”.

Contact – contact@thewineprofilers.com