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This grape variety is used more as a table grape.

Colour:  Light green to amber yellow berries.


Synonym(s):  Various synonyms, but the most common are “mornen” in Rhône (France), “fendant roux” or “fendant vert” in Switzerland, and finally in Germany it is called “weisser gutedel”.

Origin: Different possibilities are explored such as the Maconnais (France) where there is a town called Chasselas. As well Switzerland, Egypt, the middle East are suggested theories.

Maturity: First period

Sensitivity to diseases: This grape variety is extremely sensitive to temperature variation. As far as diseases, it is sensitive to downy mildew and powdery mildew.

Area(s) Cultivated: Sandy soils.

France→ Alsace, Haute Savoie, Ardèche, Var, Haute Garonne

Europe→ Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Albania, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

Worldwide→ Russia, Turkey, Algeria, USA (California), Chile, Israel, Lebanon, New Zealand.

Type of Wines [ Profile ]

Light bodied white wines  with good acidity , they age well.

Facts and tips:

  • Most planted grape in Switzerland. (6000 ha)
  • Often blended with Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc or Pinot gris.