Mauzac is a traditional grape of South West of France.

Colour:  Can vary to grey, white, or pink.

Frequency: Only in France, haven’t been exported beside a couple of attempts in Australia. It represents 2600 ha area planted.

Synonym(s):  Different spelling such as “Moissac”, “Moysac” or “Mozac”. It is more often called Blanquette in the Limoux area (France).

Origin: Gaillac, South West of France.

Maturity: Second late period.

Sensitivity to disease: Sensitive to grey rot, and excoriose. It is also sensitive to grape moth larvae and mites.

Area(s) Cultivated:

France Tarn, Aude.

Where (map):

Type of Wines Profile(s)

Sparkling wines mainly, dry white wines to lesser extent.

Facts and tips:

  • Appellation Blanquette de Limoux needs to contain at least 90% of Mauzac.
  • A red grape variety is known as “Mauzac roux”.