Syrah, Shiraz…

Colour: Blue-black berries.

Frequency: 80.000 ha area cultivated worldwide.

Synonym(s): In Australia “Shiraz” or “Hermitage”. In Côte-Rotie (France) it is sometime called “Serine”. There is also different spelling such as “Sirah”, “Syra”, “Schiras”.

Origin: vagueness of it origin. For some, the Syrah came from the Schiraz town (Iran) and brought back in France in 1224 AC. Others say it was introduced in France in the 3rd century by the Emperor Probus.

Maturity: 2nd period

Sensitivity to diseases: chlorosis (deficiency of chlorophyl), grey rot, and mites. The roots break easily under violent wind condition. Syrah is also sensitive to drought.

Area(s) Cultivated: France → Rhone, Roussillon, Languedoc, Provence.

Europe → Italy, Switzerland

International→ Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, USA (California, Oregon, Washington)

Type of Wines [ Profile ]

Very colourful and tannic red wines. These types of wines can be aged.

Facts and tips:

  • Appellations: “Côte Rotie”, “Cornas”, “Crozes-Hermitage”, “Saint Joseph”.
  • Often blended with Grenache,  Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsaut.