Touriga Francesa or Touriga Franca

This is not a French grape and its origin is unclear. It is more likely an hybrid, crossed with Touriga National and an unknown parent. It is very popular in Portugal for Port production but considered less prestigious than Touriga National.

Colour:  Blue-black berries

Frequency:  Rare

Synonym(s): Touriga Franca, Esgana Cao, Rifete, Albino de Souza.

Origin: Indigenous to Portugal, Douro, Dao

Maturity: 2nd period.

Sensitivity to diseases: Vigorous grape variety but sensitive to odium.

Area(s) Cultivated: Sunny area and schist for soil.

Europe→ Portugal.

Around the world → Australia (Tasmania), USA, South Africa.

Where  (map)

Type of Wines [ Profile ]

Making dry reds and fortified wines such as Port. It can be used as a single varietal wine or be a part of a blend. It has great aging potential.

Facts and tips:

  • The difference with Touriga National is that Touriga Francesca’s wines are lighter and more perfumed.
  • Touriga Francesca is often compared to Cabernet Franc.
  • 5th most planted grape in Portugal.