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Burgundy wine holding strong in the USA Market

Despite a strong euro and a weak dollar, Burgundy Wines seems to be holding strong with a steady growth since 2011. With this said, the US is second with 17.8% of volume, compared to the regions number one export Market,

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Finally Goodbye 2012!

This is the last look down memory lane for the year 2012. With the world financial crises that just won’t go away, there seemed to have been a never ending flow of disappointments and unrests. Not wanting to linger on the … Continue reading

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And the Gamay says to the rabbit “No Bananas in my Beaujolais Please!”…

The slogan ‘Le Beaujolais est arrivé’or “The New Beaujolais has arrived” gets it name from an old 1978 French film by Jean-Luc Voulfow.  Thirty years ago, what seemed to be the world’s best Marketing plan brought to light for selling … Continue reading

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