Pinot blanc, Pinot Bianco or Weisser Burgunder

White grape mutation of the Pinot Gris which is itself a mutation of the famous Pinot Noir.

Colour:  Light yellow-green berries

Frequency: 13,000 ha area planted worldwide.

Synonym(s):  “Pinot bianco” in Italy, “Weiss Klevner” in  Alsace (France), “Weisser Burgunder” in Germany.

Origin: In the mid 1800 observed by Pulliat at Chassagne Montrachet.

Maturity: First period

Sensitivity to diseases:

Area(s) Cultivated:

France→ Alsace, Loire, Burgundy

Europe→   Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg.

Worldwide→ Argentina, Canada, USA (California), South Africa, New Zealand

Type of Wines [ Profile ]

Still and sparkling  white wines (ex: Cremant d’Alsace). They are full bodied wines,  and generally have a good level of acidity.

Facts and tips:

  • Classified as recommended in Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, and Loire valley.