Sec – French word for “dry”.

Selected yeasts (Levures sélectionnées) – Man-made yeasts.

Sparkling winewine containing a certain amount of carbon dioxide reappear as bubbles in an wine.

As opposed to a “still wine” or non bubbled wines.

Spicy – A  tasting term used to note odors and flavors reminiscent of various aromatic spices that are found in certain wines.

Such as  cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaves, rosemary, pepper, thyme, etc…

Stalking stemming = (Destemming) – Operation not systematic where there is the elimination of stems before pressing.

Staves  – boards intended to form the drum body of a barrel.

Structure – An ambiguous tasting term that implies harmony of fruit, alcohol, acidity, and tannins.

Suckering (Suckering) Vine operation of eliminating excess buds to encourage fruiting.

Sulfur dioxide SO2  – A chemical compound used in wines for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Sweet – Wines with perceptible sugar content on the mouth.  Sweet is a tasting sensation and is perceived on the

tip of the tongue. (Over matured wines or sweet wines Fortified) – There are several possible definitions, depending on

whether it is placed on the plan of oenology French law or community. Here is the definition oenological are considered

sweet wines containing residual sugar give the product its mellow character. Thus we find: 10 overripe wines with and

without noble rot – 20 wines “transferred” to alcohol (also see fortified wines or wines Liqueur).